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Sometimes, we all need space. To step back from this busybody world in which we live and just take it all in. Sometimes we need a few moments to sit by a windowsill and gaze out into the distance, at the stars, and take them few moments to feel ourselves again, bring us back down to earth and the harsh cold reality which we face everyday. It's nice to escape sometimes, escape the pain which we face so often and the pain which can hurt us so much that we can forget who we are. But these moments, these moments of solitude, peace and remorse never last too long, there will always be something, an event of some sort that will snap you out of this peaceful serenity of deep thinking or an almost dreaming state of mind and bring you back to your real life, your true self and leave you to really reflect on the person you really are.

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reflection <3, posted November 3rd, 2012

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